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Musician, Kiteboarder, #dadlife


I am such a nerd. Really, when is the last time you met someone that loves technology as much as me?

Truth is, it’s much deeper than my day job. Since I was little, technology has always been about the process, the mystery of “how it works” and the desire to learn. As I grew into adulthood, my itch to start a business slowly crossed paths with reality. From slinging espresso through a start up coffee shop (Rush Coffee Company) to bettering patient care with healthcare IT systems (Medical IT Solutions, Inc.), I continued my career in conquering new challenges (Dedicated IT) with businesses all around the country.

I make technology work better for your business. Ask me how


While continuing to grow Dedicated IT, I am overwhelmed in how blessed I am to have a wonderful family of 5. My girls and new baby son love me and empower my passion in everything I do.

My Anti IT

I enjoy music, write and shred the guitar with topnotch musicians and leaders through my local church, kiteboard as much as possible, cycle the fantastic Florida mornings, and enjoy relaxing dinner parties with my partners and friends.

Community Involvement

As a young leader, my community involvement only stimulates my passions. My hope is making impact in kids (AMI KIDS) by teaching a skills they can find new interest in where potentially they wouldn’t have crossed paths. I support the blind community (Center for the Visually Impaired), built, provided servers and consulting to better internal and external commuinications for non profits (Brevard Rescue Mission) and collaborate with musicians to donate music as resource for new revenue for kids who are abused and neglected (Nana's House). I am an active member with a young group of professionals who care about the future of our comunity and enconomy. (321Mellinials) We are the next generation of leaders and hope to disrupt our community by influencing those around us.

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Chris Burns

Ambitious, seasoned and versatile information technology professional with a passion for creating technology driven scalable business solutions and tools to add value for SMB to the enterprise.





Healthcare IT


Professional Experience

Helping Doctors do what they do best

Healthcare IT Ninja

Helping physicians go from paper to paperless

15 Years

2001 - Current

My goal is to use the latest advances in technology to develop intuitive, scalable and robust solutions that enable practices to operate efficiently and improve the quality of patient care and business strategies. I have helped offices understand, manage and secure the complexities of electronic delivery of ePHI (protected health information).

Primary role with implementing Electronic Medical Records & Practice Management systems.

Hosted and managed the Florida regional Health Information Exchange database (Hosting)

Helped an EMR company launch their platform from client server environments to cloud delivery

Developed HIPAA Risk Assessment checklists for clients who were under strict CMS Audits

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Helping Businesses with IT Management

From humble start-up to successful IT firm

10 Years

2006 - Current

I started Medical IT Solutions Inc. (now Dedicated IT) because I saw a gap in the Healthcare Industries IT needs and what was offered to meet those needs. Healthcare IT requirements constantly change, are extremely critical to the operation of a practice and far more stringent than most industries. Health Care as a whole is under adverse economic factors that are drastically shrinking practices bottom line. medIT ensured Health Care Providers are receiving the most up to date IT solutions in the industry to meet all regulations, increase cost containment, increase patient care, increase efficiencies and allow for peace of mind.

Consulted with over 40 practices to successfully implement new or migrate to EMR

Healthcare IT isn't our only gig. At Dedicated IT, I have a diverse team of highly trained, certified engineers who service hundreds of small to medium sized businesses. No matter whether you are healthcare provider, in the legal field, a manufacturing company or in the real estate development and management, we have you covered.

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Managed IT Services

Building The Private Cloud

Infrastructure from the Datacenters

8 Years

June 2008 - Current

Built and delivered a hosted cloud infrastructure, managed and maintained by my company. Cloud infrastructure helped our clients with the burden of the capitol expense every 3-5 years by offloading on-premise severs and applications to a subscription based delivery. All backed with data protection, licensing and high availability. While this was not easy, I learned a deep understanding of enterprise level skills in keeping our client's environment in production and faster than if they bought their own gear.

Started with 1 client, now have over 150, Nation Wide

Geolocation aware cloud infrastructure in 3, soon to be 4 datacenters.

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Datacenter Services

Hosted Cloud Pacs

Digital Radiology Imaging | From the cloud

Sharing imaging without the complexity

6 Years

2010 - Present

Hosted Cloud Pacs is a Medical imaging management system that allows medical practices to view diagnostic-quality images directly within a virtual cloud-based environment, accessible from anywhere in the world, in real time while using any free or existing viewing software.

HCP provides a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to an on-site PACS system without the large initial capital investment or the ongoing support costs. HCP offers a host of advanced visualization and reporting tools for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics, internal medicine, primary care, ophthalmology and more.

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#ITPoolParty Slack Group

IT to IT Colaboration - With or Without the pool

1 Year

160+ Worldwide Members

Real IT folks. Hanging out - Like a giant pool party. Wish you could ask someone for help without getting look of dissaproval? You're in luck. ITpoolparty is just that. A safe place to float around different tech channels, organized around topics that are changing everyday. All in Slack. Explore what's new, what's going on and collaborate all in one place. We help anyone and everyone in our field feel right at home to lend a helping hand, share a link or give some juicy insight on whats trending in our industry.

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